Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas Color Wishlist: Just in time for the holidays!

Well, i woke up yesterday morning and what do you know out neighbor's roof was covered in snow! A pleasant reminder that day after day, Christmas is getting closer! So i created this craft for my family and yours, wishlists to make sure everybody knows what you want for the special holidays! 
-R.B & R.H
 Step 1:
Start by cutting a piece of notebook paper down to a reasonable size.
 Step 2:
Then at the top of the paper i use a green Sharpie pen to write WISHLIST. Then i write my name in red Sharpie pen.
 Step 3:
 Then i skip a line and write in green Sharpie pen SANTA with a little red hyphen after it.
 Step 4:
 I then alternate colors and make two dashes on the side of my paper (one in red and one in green)
 Step 5:
next to each dash i put something i really really want in the opposite color (if the dash is red, the word is green)
 Step 6:
After i have completed the SANTA section of my wishlist, i write FAMILY & FRIENDS in red Sharpie pen.
 Step 7:
 I then follow the same rules as in step five except with more items on my list

You are finished!

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