Sunday, February 9, 2014

Quote of the Day

Sleepover Game: Blind Makeover

 1. Start by assembling all of your beauty supplies, from perfume to eyeshadow

 2. Then blindfold one person and have the other person remove all of their other makeup
 3. Next, Let the makeovering begin


Slushee Day Photo Shoot

Songs of the Week

Money Saver Boxes

 All you really need for this project: Sharp Scissors, Shoebox, Masking Tape
What I used for this project: Sharpie, Duct Tape

 1. Start bye taping the shoebox shut on all sides so there is no way for money to go in or out of the box. The tape should be strong enough that you cannot open it with your hands and have to use a knife.

 2. Then i wrote my goal on top of the box.
 3. Use the scissors to cut a slit in the top of your box. This should be big enough for money to go in, but not come out.
 *** my box had a pre made hole in it that i also taped shut so no money could "accidentally fall out"***
Thanks to my dear grandma rose for giving me this idea.